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Our Mission

By inviting you to participate in the Tune-Up journey, we want your organization to foster a sense of purpose, improve team collaboration and strategically allocate resources.

This holistic approach ensures that your teams are inspired, focused and motivated to meet the challenges of a volatile and complex environment.

With Tune-Up, you can confidently shape a better future for your organization.

Improving your alignment to help you achieve your goals… that’s what Tune-Up is all about.

Your "Tuners"


Vincent Dumont

Managing Partner - Autor of Tune-up.

During my 30-year career I have always focused on creating value for my colleagues, for our clients and for our shareholders.

I am said to be visionary, creative and fast-forward thinker, but I’m also very comfortable and convinced, due to my background and experiences, by the importance of data and numbers. Facts and figures must strongly coexist with vision, strategic and business planning activities.

Passionate about new trends and technological developments, I constantly imagine their impact on individuals and businesses and innovate both in product creation and in team dynamics.

Today, I help and collaborate with companies, organizations and teams to develop and implement winning strategies and lasting performance : integrating processes, aligning transversal activities, creating innovation and agility, keeping always in mind the changing environment.


Laurent Peeters

Partner & Co-author of Tune-up.

I have over 25 years' experience as a partner and consultant in the fields of global human resources, strategic talent, leadership development, organizational change and design.

I am familiar with global, matrix, multi-local or decentralized organizations, multinationals, private equity-backed companies and family businesses. I enjoy creating value by reducing complexity, managing diversity and changing circumstances.

I strongly believe in and focus on sustainable performance of the organization AND its people. Alignment, consistency and leveraging capabilities are key elements of my approach. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Cathy Vanden Balck

Tune-up Consultant

I've been compared to Dr. Watson at Tune-up.

Passionate about the Human Being within an organization, I have developed skills that combine communication and organizational know-how with out-of-the-box, solutions-oriented thinking.

After graduating as a regent, I worked in the fast-paced advertising industry before devoting myself to helping children blossom in the school environment... a great experience for helping "big kids" like company employees harmonize their working relationships around a solid strategic alignment.


Sami Ayoub

Partner - France

Rich of +25years as partner and advisor in Global HR, strategic Talent, Leadership development, Organization changes & design.

Pragmatic, Appreciative, Catalyst for Change. Business & People minded passionate conductor.

Acquainted with global, matrixed, multi-local or decentralized organizational set-ups, multinationals, private equity backed companies, family-owned businesses, I like to create value, reducing complexity, handling diversity and changing circumstances.

I strongly believe and focus on sustainable Organization AND People performances. Alignment, consistency and leveraging capabilities are the key elements of my approach.

Be Aligned.
Achieve your Goals!

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