Tune-Up, from Believe to Achieve

Tune-up: from Believe to Achieve!

How we lead you into alignment

Tune-up is a structured and results-oriented "5 steps" methodology, designed to deliver rapid, impactful and measurable outcomes.
We apply it during each coaching, each facilitation session and during the monitoring of  your operations.

We apply it during each coaching, each facilitation session and during the  monitoring of  your operations.


Let's define and agree on our beliefs and aspirations, the assumptions and forces of our internal and external environments to get the foundations of our work.


Together, let's define the paths and objectives we want to achieve, based on our shared beliefs.


Evaluate our strengths and identify the required resources and capabilities to pursue our chosen goals.


Based on our capabilities, we'll choose and agree on smart and effective tactics and their consequences for all of us.


We'll define and align on operational targets through objectives and measurable key results with clear ownership...

Tune-up combines group sessions, individual interviews and interactive tools.

What we can do for you


A typical "Tune-Up" takes from 5 to 10 days.

Diagnosis, individual and group interviews, full-group interactive sessions, goal setting and support in their implementation.

This program includes the use of online surveys, the utilization of specific large supports and interactive tools during the sessions, providing a comprehensive report and a detailed roadmap, as well as supporting operational teams.

Strategic Thinking

We help you "à la carte".

- Company Strategy.

- Product Development.

- HR & Organization.

- Program Management

- A.I. Impact & Opportunities.

- Marketing & Communication.

Tune-up Tools

Use of our exclusive tools.

- Online surveys.

- Custom reports.

- Facilitation of alignment sessions..

- Conferences.

- OKR (Objectives & Key Results) implementation and follow-up.


Let's combine our talents.

Individually or in small groups, , we challenge and support you in your professional thinking, to make you more comfortable with certain choices.

We bring an out-of-the-box perspective and an innovative, structured way of thinking to help you move forward.

We use unique visual aids and tailor-made interactive applications during our interventions, to ensure process consistency and focus.

No blah-blah... we deliver the real thing

  • Out-of-the-box support for your in-house expertise.
  • A collectively designed action plan that is sustainable, coherent and achievable, taking into account your resources.
  • Clear, innovative, ambitious and realistic definition of your objectives and the best tactics to achieve it.
  • A roadmap enabling you to allocate your resources as efficiently as possible to achieve your objectives.
  • Greater commitment from your teams, who will be more empowered, more efficient and more collaborative.
  • Harmonized communication with all your stakeholders.
  • Experienced support to implementmonitor and measure progress towards your objectives.
  • And so much more…

What makes Tune-up so different?

Tune-up is a unique living methodology, developed over 20 years by operational managers with a successful track record.

    • Our aim is to help you foster genuine coherence between beliefs, goals, resources, tactics and processes.
    • We firmly believe that you are the architect of your success, and thus, we refrain from intervening in your business. Instead, we collaborate with you to harness your greatest talents and resources, working together to craft the most effective strategy.
    • By empowering you to lead the way, we ensure that your unique strengths are at the forefront of the decision-making process, ultimately paving the path to achieve your goals and aspirations.
    • At the core of our approach lies a strong emphasis on delivering concrete and measurable results in a short timeframe.
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